2017 Spring Semester Workshops (2/11-4/15):


《4 in 2》Workshop: 2/11 Sat 2p-4p

Learn 4 dance styles in 2 hours. More Detail


Spring Classes: Ballet, Power Jazz, Chinese, and Sexy Jazz / Kpop.

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《1+1》Workshop: Dance with a partner and learn fun steps together with upbeat music as a team. Valentine Special event: 2/11 4p-6p

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Absolute Beginner Workshop: Open to ladies who have very little or no dance background at all.

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New students: Please book your FREE orientation session here.

​2小时学4种舞  2/11 公开课 RSVP


  • 姐妹套餐超值 包所有精品舞,速成班,和《1+1舞伴套餐》(13.5/hr)(芭蕾,形体,古典,爵士,街舞,Kpop)2/11 through 4/15.

  • 零基础入门班 - 两位导师一起指导带您入门并拉近与舞台的距离。课程结束后您将享受健身成果,照相姿态更协调,形体更挺拔等魅力颜值加分。

  • 1+1 舞伴 - 由 NYCgirlsDance 首创,本期主题来自电影 La La Land,单人和双人均可报名。2/11 周六4点 情人节舞会。

  • ​New Students: Book your FREE session here.

优雅套餐 (Elegance Dance) 型体舞

Tuesday Evenings

  • Achieve feminine beauty through elegant movement.

  • Mixture of modern, classical, and ballet.

  • Bring out your elegance and gracefulness. 

  • Improve balance, develop your core and waist strength.

  • Relieve stress and tension from body.

  • Enhance your inner zen by stretching full body muscle.

  • 培训端庄气质,优雅姿态。身韵气息。

  • 温柔肢体协调动作矫正,展现高雅气质。

  • 结合于芭蕾古典现代等元素。降压好心情。

  • 伸展全身舒筋活血。增强柔和气质。

  • 训练腹部力量来控制平衡和稳重舞步。

  • Exclusive access to Cultural Expo program (Eastern).

爵士套餐 (Jazz Dance) 性感健身舞

Thursday Evenings

  • Learn fun steps to clubbing music.

  • Require heels for some classes.

  • Core workout and foundamental body isolation training.

  • Sexy Jazz, Power Jazz, Modern, Clubbing moves.

  • Analzye Western beats patterns and various dance styles.

  • Exclusive access to Cultural Expo Program (Western).

  • 学习欧美日韩性感舞姿和高跟鞋舞步,在派对舞池上尽享high爆。

舞伴套餐 (Couple Fitness)

Saturdays Afternoons

  • Treadmill is too boring? Dinner date is getting old? 

  • Grab a friend or partner to this workout class and learn fun dance steps as a team.

  • It's a fun way to bond and develop your relationship with each other.

  • If you do not have a dance partner, we will help you match dance partners.

  • No dance background required. Smiles are required!

  • Single ticket available at $310.

婚礼套餐 (Wedding Dance)

Choreography and consultation included.

  • Ballroom dance is a bit too serious for you?

  • Want a unique dance that narrates your special love stories?

  • Professional wedding dance choreography.

  • Fun memorable challenge for the loving couple.

  • Styles: funny, romantic, fantasy, jazzy, hiphop, interpretive, and classic.

  • Styles can be combined; music editing and props provided.

  • Couple dance requires both parties to attend.

  • Fast track training may apply. No dance background required. 

Private Lesson

Your need is our priority.

$100 per hour

  • 精心制定私人课程计划, 目标, 和安排。

  • 全照顾个人需要。 

Trial Orientation

First Time Student Only.


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We offer dance workshops, fitness program, and private lessons. Click here to learn more...

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Orientation Appointment

First Time Student Only.


婚礼编舞 (Wedding Choreography)

难忘一刻从First Dance开始

  • Professional wedding choreography.

  • Fun memorable challenge for the loving couple.

  • Both partners are required to attend each session.

  • No dance background required. 

Private Lesson

Your need is our priority.

$100 per hour

  • 精心制定私人课程计划, 目标, 和安排。

  • 全照顾个人需要。 

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Cici老师 2015 DHL年会和2016 Mercedes-benz年会舞蹈老师,2015网易年会编舞老师。北京交通大学“天之交女”风采大赛第一名,2016 puresoul街舞比赛第二名,多次进入Battles街舞比赛北京前4强和台湾前十六强。为北京和台湾多所大学街舞表演嘉宾,2016小米年会表演嘉宾。Cici老师教学风格起源于纽约街头,Hiphop的核心元素,融入freestyle,伴随rap及纽约说唱音乐,以及后期融入trap等多元素音乐。上课重点是old school hip hop 和近几年兴起的urban风格。Cici老师从事hip hop风格五年,师从中国街舞冠军郭胤儿。课程分为热身解压,由内而外放松自己,训练基本功和协调性,有助于初学者动作更好看。片段教学帮学员短期内迅速提高,进步惊人。最后有体能环节,融入健身元素,为街舞质感打基础。

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